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ECOTONE celebrated its 20th year in operation in 2021 serving small businesses, associations, and non-profits.
Today we celebrate a pivot to serving the CEBE community - those professionals, organizations, and businesses involved in Climate, Environment, Biodiversity & Equity.

Focused ~ Fast ~ Forever

We bring together the speed & flexibility of the Internet, a laser-beam focus on the mission, and the promise of honest, straight-forward communication. There is no time for idle talk or smoke-blowing.

~ Multum in Parvo ~

We may be small but we mean business and we want to work with you.

What We Can Offer You!

For the CeBe Community

Welcome to your Online Portal (New and in progress)As we help you get online we also want to make sure you stay there so we offer this online portal.- Collaboration & Document Transfer
- Project Planning & Scheduling
- Courses & Community
- Web Presence & Digital Assistance, Guidance, and Support

Finding your path to . . . Your Online PresenceWe can help you build that safe, clean, secure, and effective website you need to make your voice heard. Now is the time.Let’s start with a free 20-minute chat and see where it goes from there. Talk soon!

It’s time to make your online presence ... sustainable.We believe that the most important digital asset you own is your online presence. And we think keeping that presence fresh, accurate, and viable shouldn’t be painful, nor should it be a full-time job.~ Planned ~ Perpetual ~ Enduring

Fast, Cheap and Totally in ControlWe make simple sites for busy professionals.Are you a scientist, researcher, activist, writer, etc. working in the areas of climate, environment, biodiversity, or equity and need a website FAST but have no money, time, or experience to make it happen? No problem. We can help.

For the Public

Learn Something New Every DayWe are currently in a Climate Crisis!
The time for an orderly and timely transition has passed so now we need to focus and move quickly . . . very quickly.
The Problems Are Just Too Big . . . Yet if we break the issues down into smaller, more manageable and understandable problems we stand a chance of tackling them.

Pick Your Passion
Be focused ▪ Be fast ▪ Stick with it
Our future depends on it
In the next few years, people are going to start to catch on about the climate and environmental emergency we are facing. Don't get mad at them, just lead them down the correct path and help them and encourage them.We Can Help

"It's time to move from the incremental to the transformational"We will always be plagued by the truth that we had time to act in a planned, incremental way but we chose not to do it. With the limited success (read failure) of COP1 thru 26 we now know that we must move past planned, incremental change and into an era of moving quickly, acting decisively, and following the correct path.“Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

Real and Actionable Solutions on the Road to Electrifying EveryThing!Things are moving quickly on the "Road to Electrifying EveryThing!". We will do our best to explain the who, what, where, when, why ... and how.We had questions too! So, we decided to do something about it and started searching for answers to the fast-moving era of Electrifying EveryThing!. Join us.

Why We Do This Work

#1 We do this work because we love it.
#2 We do this work because we are in an "all hands on deck" moment and we have a skill that is useful.
#3 We recognize that our desired audience may need our services as they are busy doing great work.
#4 We want to get you online and help you stay there so you CAN do that great work and tell the world about it.


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